Nha Trang

The beach at Nha Trang Look at that gorgeous weather. Exactly what you want when you visit a beach town. View from Nha Trang of Hon Tre Island which is home to Vinpearl, a combo resort, water park, amusement park, aquarium, beach, etc.
Nha Trang coast Fountain near the Vinpearl cable car station. Riding the Vinpearl cable car across to Hon Tre Island.
Towers are 377 ft tall But 131 of those feet are under water. No smorking!
Vinpearl cable car at night. Another night shot Vinpearl sign at night
Christmas decorations Fountain Ripping off Hollywood
Performing monkey I'd be sad too if I had to wear that. Poor monkeys
Oooh, my dick in a box girl. Strange looking Batman Sea monster
Total span is just over 2 miles. Longest sea-crossing cable car in the world. View of Nha Trang
Last cable car picture The walk-through fish tank at the Vinpearl Aquarium. Vinpearl Aquarium
They look cool, whatever they are You have chosen your path wisely Lemmiwinks! I am the Catata Fish! Clownfish
Clownfish Eel Vinpearl beach
Vinpearl water park Water slide How does this not scare the shit out of the kids??? A creepy looking clown looming over you, ready to pummel you with boxing gloves...

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