Mekong Delta

Lunch on the Mekong Delta Showing us dumbass tourists how to eat our lunch. Shred the fish with a fork, then make a spring roll
The remnants of the fish. Making coconut fudge. I bought a couple blocks. Freshly made rice paper
This is what passes for a family pet in the Mekong Delta. Deceptively heavy Staring into my soul...
Eating snake (not the same snake shown above). Way too many bones. Mekong River Church along the Mekong.
Traditional Vietnamese rowboat Side view Waterfront properties
Church Meh, pretty much the same picture. Bridge over a feeder into the Mekong.
Transport to the overnight lodging. Palm tree Thin oars
More rowing The boats were surprisingly maneuverable. Palm trees
Jungle punch This is how you kill time when you're in the middle of the Mekong Delta with no TV or internet. Later in the night...

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