The Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum grounds Wing of the Vatican Museum Roman soldiers
"Sphere within Sphere" Egyptian mummy Marble bust
Statue of Antinous/Osiris The ancient Egyptian god Anubis Lord of mummification, he guided the dead to the underworld.
The Sistine Chapel The Last Judgment fresco covers the entire wall, courtesy of Michelangelo. The ceiling, also courtesy of Michelangelo. In the center, you can see the Hand of God reaching out to give life to Adam.
Gallery of Maps The ceiling of the Gallery of Maps. One of 40 maps in the gallery.
Bronze statue Assyrian archers The winds, or something...
Grand Moff Tarkin Babies battling a crocodile. Severed head!
Carved lions on a water basin. A room full of animal statuary. Monkey
The bird shelf Wild boar Crocodile
Cougar maybe? Someone falling from the building. Bill Clinton???
The ceilings are more impressive than the actual museum artifacts. Zombie Jesus The other half of the tapestry.
"Any tapestry ideas?"
"Let's make one with a couple guys driving ice picks into baby skulls!"
The assassination of Julius Caesar. Distracting Marc Antony during the assassination.
I think the Vatican Museum drinking game should be drink every time you see a severed head. You'd be pretty trashed by the end. Battle of Ostia, where the Papal army defeated the Saracens in 849. The Battle of Pons Milvius, Christians vs. Pagans. Christians won.
The School of Athens, featuring Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, and Pythagoras. Lots of smart guys. Roman bust
Another wall fresco Some hall that was roped off to the public. David slaying Goliath
Garden of Eden Leopard taking down a zebra Lion vs. Tiger
Big Cat paintings Spiral staircase

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