Zion National Park

The entrance to Zion National Park. Just chillin'. The scenery on the drive from Vegas to the park.
Angels Landing, 1,208 ft tall. Switchbacks at the beginning of the 2.5 mile each way hike. Steep rock face.
Walter's Wiggles, a series of 21 switchbacks. Rock at Scout Lookout. View from Scout Lookout, looking upcanyon.
Peering over the edge. The final stretch to the top of Angels Landing. The chain to help you climb up.
Steep dropoff on either side of the spur connecting Scout Lookout to the top. More steep climbs. A bend in the Virgin River.
View from the top, looking upcanyon. I feel like I'm hiding the hangover and 2 hours of sleep pretty well (thanks Vegas). Other people hanging out at the top.
The view from the top. The Virgin River. He is PISSED!!!
Court of the Patriarchs. From left to right: Abraham Peak, Isaac Peak, Mount Moroni, & Jacob Peak (the white peak behind Mount Moroni). Abraham Peak and Isaac Peak. All three peaks are at about 6,900 feet elevation. Bee.
Flowers along the Watchman Trail. View from the Watchman Trail, which takes your pretty much right above the Visitors Center. The Watchman.
Some of the named rock formations near the park entrance. The West Temple. The Altar of Sacrifice.
View of the Watchman from the Visitors Center. Variable ground snake. The Altar of Sacrifice.
View of several different types of sandstone. Cactus flower. Clouds starting to roll in.
Along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The Narrows, at the end of the Riverside Walk. Nooooo! I had planned on most of a day doing this hike.
The drive from Zion to Bryce Canyon. Checkerboard Mesa.

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