Capitol Reef National Park

The drive from Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef. Approaching Capitol Reef National Park. Rock formations along Highway 24.
Hiking to Hickman Bridge. Hickman Bridge. 125 ft high with a 130 ft span.
Rock formations near the Hickman Bridge trailhead. Camera is level, it's the rock surface that's slanted. Pretty cool. Petroglyphs to the right and left of the rock chip.
Fruita School house. Why would you want to build a school house right up against a bunch of boulders that have cleary come crashing down from the cliffs above??? View during the 10-mile each way scenic drive. Another stop along the scenic drive.
Check out the different rock colors. View from the side of the road on the approach to the Visitors Center. Seems really similar to Zion National Park.

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