Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park. Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures of hoodoos. Even though it's not technically a canyon (it's an amphitheater), I'm going to call it a canyon anyway. Mix of red and white sandstone.
A bunch of stone fins that are on their way to becoming hoodoos due to wind, rain, and ice. Looking out over the area that's covered by the Peekaboo Loop trail. Alligator.
Rock spire. Bets on how much longer this will last? Rock fin.
At one of the viewpoints on the rim. Hoodoos. View from Sunset Point.
Starting to hike the Peekaboo Loop. Peekaboo Loop trail. Love how the hoodoos just rise out of nowhere.
Contrast of red and white sandstone. White sandstone caps. Looking over towards Inspiration Point, I think?
Canyon rim. Definitely recommend hiking down into the canyon to get up close. View from the bottom of the canyon.
Wall of Windows. Sandstone spires. Peekaboo Loop trail.
Another view of the Wall of Windows. Some thin looking spire tops. Hiking uphill.
Anyone else kinda reminded of Dark Crystal when all the skeksis gathered in a circle? The Cathedral. Starting to hike out of the canyon via the Navajo Loop trail.
Navajo Loop trail. Getting closer to the rim. The bad part about hiking down into a canyon - the end of the hike is always going to suck. Wall Street. The path takes you through high walls on either side and spits you back onto the rim after a bunch of switchbacks.
View from the Rim trail. White sandstone rim. View from Fairyland Point.
Hiking from Fairyland Point to Sunset Point in order to start the Fairyland Loop trail. I like doing it this way better. Get the 2.5 mile Rim Trail portion of the hike out of the way up front, so that you don't have it ahead of you after you hike up out of the canyon. Good view of the Fairyland Loop trail, seen from the Rim trail. Pretty good example of how a stone fin eventually turns into hoodoos, with arches as the intermediate step.
Tower Bridge. Fairyland Loop trail. Looking back at Tower Bridge.
Fairyland loop trail is an 8 mile hike, not very crowded, and highly recommended. The trail. Gets your right up close to the rock formations.
Fairyland Canyon. You can see the trail continue towards the bottom. The Sinking Ship.
Fairyland Canyon. At the bottom of the canyon. Wide open spaces in between strings of hoodoos.
Fairyland Canyon. On their way to becoming hoodoos. Looking up at Fairyland Point.
Getting closer to the rim. Double hoodoo. The end of the hike.
View from Inspiration Point. The Cathedral. If you look close, you can make out the Peekaboo Loop trail.
Another view from Inspiration Point. The rim. White sandstone capped hoodoos.
Natural Bridge. Eyeing food. View along the scenic drive.
Another stop along the scenic drive. Result of wildfires.

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