Sultan Ahmed Mosque

(The Blue Mosque)

Sultan Ahmed Mosque
aka The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque at night. View from the middle of Sultanahmet Meydani Park.
Built in the early 1600s by Sultan Ahmed I. Supposedly he built it to make himself feel better about getting his ass kicked in Persia. The Blue Mosque has six minarets. Most mosques have four. The entrance into the courtyard.
Inside the courtyard, only to realize I had to go back out and around the side to get in the line for the inside. Looking up at the dome. The sun not cooperating.
View of the dome from the inside. Capacity is about 10,000. Some half domes.
Stained glass. It's really tough to take a picture that gives you a sense of how big it really is. More of the ceiling.
View from the Hippodrome. One of the first views you get as you walk into the Sultanahmet district. On my way to get in line. Luckily it wasn't crowded, so I was able to walk right in.
One final shot.

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