Walking around Sultanahmet Meydani Park, between the two mosques. Fountain in the park. The Kaiser Wilhem II Fountain, near the Blue Mosque. A gift from Germany in 1895 when Emperor Wilhelm II paid a visit to Istanbul.
The Obelisk of Theodosius, in the Hippodrome, constructed around 1500 B.C. by Pharoah Thutmose III in Egypt. It was stolen from the Temple of Karnak and brought to Constantinople in 390 A.D. by Emperor Theodosius.
Thieving bastard.
The Walled Obelisk. It used to be covered with bronze plaques, but was destroyed by Crusaders sacking the city during the 4th Crusade. The Serpent Column, also known as the Tripod of Plataea. Created to celebrate the Greeks defeating the Persians during the 5th century B.C. Persian Wars. It was taken from the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Also destroyed during the sacking of Constantinople during the 4th Crusade.
The Milion
"This stone pillar is all that remains of a Byzantine triumphal arch from which road distances to all corners of the empire were once measured."
Stone tower that used to be part of the aqueduct system. Yerebatan Saray Cistern, aka the Basilica Cistern.
Built by Emperor Justinian I during the Roman period in the 6th century. 21 million gallon capacity. Medusa-head column base.
The second medusa head. Some of the 336 columns in the cistern. The carp that keep the water from becoming stagnant.
Mosque en route to Kapali Carsi.  You start to lose track of the names after a day in Istanbul. Another mosque near the Grand Bazaar. Closer view.
The Grand Bazaar, Kapali Carsi. Just inside the entrance. Jewelry store.
This was jewelry store row. All kinds of useless crap that I wasn't going to cram in my backpack and carry around with me for two more months. Nazi vs. Russian chess. The only thing I came pretty close to buying.
Rugs. The outside market just outside Kapali Carsi. I think this is part of Istanbul University.
Making my way down from Kapali Carsi to the Egyptian spice bazaar. Just wander downhill until you hit the Golden Horn. Entering the Egyptian spice bazaar. Spices.
Inside one of the stores. Turkish halva. More stuff that looks really good.
More spices. Turkish Viagra. Lamps.
More halva. Rustem Pasha Mosque, located near the Egyptian spice bazaar. Animal market located just outside the Egyptian spice bazaar.
Anyone need a remote control? Istanbul skyline. Yeni Mosque, aka the New Mosque.
Galata Bridge, with the Galata Tower on top of the hill in the background. Looking across the Golden Horn harbor. The Golden Horn.
Grilled fish (the entire thing) slapped onto a piece of bread. Another view of the Yeni Mosque. Cafe near the hostel.
Fire spinner. Fire spinner x 2. Sultanahmet district at night.
Galata Bridge. Galata Bridge and the Istanbul skyline. Galata Tower in the background.
Cruising on the Bosphorus. Dolmabahce Palace, built in the 1850s. East bank of the Bosphorus.
Beylerbeyi Palace. Another shot of the east bank. Rumeli Fortress off in the distance.
The Bosphorus Bridge. The modern part of Istanbul. Probably another government building.
Yeni Mosque. Fatih Mosque. Approaching the Valens Aqueduct.
Valens Aqueduct, completed by Emperor Valens in 386 A.D. A highway passes under the arches. Close-up of the arch.
Dinner buddy. Hostel room at the Antique Hostel. Fantastic location, a couple blocks from the Sultanahmet district. View from the hostel.
The overnight train from Plovdiv, Bulgaria to Istanbul. It wasn't very pleasant (although I did have the whole compartment to myself).

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