Songkran 2014

Slideshow (Flickr)

Back for Songkran Round 2 Headshot!
Tuk tuk ride to Khao San Road
Still haven't learned the concept of getting other people wet
Ice vendor The face of someone who didn't know they were walking by a bar with ice water
Khao San Road
Getting hit with ice water "Oh shit, that was ice water."
Dude was so drunk he couldn't walk
Khao San Road aftermath
Chinese tour group that didn't want to brave the outside
Responding to one of the 2,992 road accidents that ended up killing 322 and injuring 3,225 this year Mostly due to all the damn motorbikes on the roads... that, plus alcohol.
A protester camp surounded by razor wire and sandbags. But it was empty, since the two sides had declared a truce for Songkran.

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