Bangla Road Ronald McDonald Empty beer bars in the early afternoon.
Tiger Disco Complex (day) Tiger Disco Complex (night) Beer bar girls on Bangla Road.
Bar Jenga - loser buys tequila shots. So good... Bangla Road
Beach Road Fish spa I am literally being devoured alive.
Patong Beach Looking in the other direction. Pretty sure there are better beaches than Patong. Sunset
Awesome! Jungceylon, a brand new shopping mall. Phuket Marina
Phang Nga Bay national park A cluster of limestone islands, similar to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Tree covered limestone island
Limestone overhang Another shot as we were approaching the islands. Colorful rock
Navigating through the islands. Ocean canoes More islands
Taking the ocean canoes into the caves. Going in... You weren't allowed to paddle your own canoes for a reason. It was a really tight fit.
Had no choice but to lay flat on your back. Rock formation Low clearance
Exiting the cave tunnel into a completely enclosed bay. Showing off the catch of the day. More trees
The cave tunnel is the only way in and out. Sea canoes are actually pretty fun. I got to paddle one later on. Lighter than ocean kayaks and more maneuverable. Rock overhang
Ko Tapu, a 66 ft tall limestone rock rising out of the sea. Also known as James Bond Island ever since 1974 when it was featured in The Man with the Golden Gun. It's located just off the coast of Khao Phing Kan.
Fishermen Sea canoes It's a maze.
Looks like a mushroom cap. Cliffs at Khao Phing Kan. Departing Phang Nga Bay.
View while sailing back to Phuket. Trying to beat the rain back to the marina. We lost.

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