Ko Phi Phi

Maya Bay The cliffs that form Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Leh. Long-tail boats
Maya Bay was made famous when it was the setting for The Beach, starring Leo. Approaching the beach at Maya Bay. Another bay close to Maya Bay.
Snorkeling in Maya Bay. Snorkeling Snorkeling
Snorkeling The snorkeling was a bit better than Koh Phangan. Snorkeling
Monkeys hanging out by a beach, that was flooded at high tide so we had to look at them from the speedboat. Didn't go to the actual Monkey Beach on Ko Phi Phi Don, so this was the closest to monkeys that we got. Monkey
Hanging out by the water. The crew of the ship yells you not to feed the monkeys, then gives you peanuts so that you can feed the monkeys. Monkey
Opening a peanut. Monkey Last monkey picture
Viking Cave on Ko Phi Phi Leh. Used as a harvesting ground for bird's nest soup. Lohsamah Bay
Palm tree on Ko Phi Phi Leh Cool looking roots Trees on Ko Phi Phi Leh
Nice distance... Last stop on the way back to Phuket. 5-engine speedboat

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