Chiang Rai

Cabbages & Condoms, the restaurant we stopped at for lunch en route to Chiang Rai. It's part of a community outreach program to get the local hill tribes to use birth control, so the name kinda makes sense. "Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy!" But the local hill tribes still have statues like this. Maybe that's part of the problem?
Holy shit... Stray cat who was fascinated with my camera lens. Another hill tribe statue.
Akha hill tribe woman Performing a song Akha hill tribe
Kayan hill tribe woman Kayan little girl Wearing the heavy brass coils from the time you're little pushes the collarbone down and compressses the rib cage, which makes the neck look like it's really long.
Girls typically start wearing the coils when they turn 5 years old. Lots of theories on why the practice started, ranging from making the women less attractive to raiders, to going for a dragon look which is important in Kayan mythology. Hill tribe kids
Akha quilt Food court at the Chiang Rai night market. Looking down towards the stage.
Ladyboy cabaret at the night market. Another ladyboy. Pagoda at the night market.
Those things were huge. More fried insects. Way too scared to try those.

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