Durian street vendor Terminal 21 shopping mall Food court desert stall
Some kind of shaved ice dessert MBK shopping mall Yeah... I'm not going to trust tuna from McDonald's
Thai BBQ Thai BBQ HBO canceled Carnival after 2 seasons, but apparently it's popular enough to play at a local Thai BBQ joint
BTS Skytrain station Santa's Hamburgers fast food Siam Paragon shopping mall
Siam Ocean World Lionfish They were having a special crab exhibit
Toey at Siam Ocean World The walkthrough shark aquarium Siam Ocean World
Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World
Large salamander Some kind of gecko Jellyfish
Coconut crab Toey Oriental small-clawed otter
Seahorse Siam Ocean World Siam Ocean World
Leafy seadragon Thai Ronald McDonald Thai McDonald's sign
Nana Plaza Nana Plaza Siam Paragon shopping mall
Iron Man at Terminal 21 Kit Kat cupcakes Furby cupcakes
Not sure I could pull off that outfit Angry Birds More Thai BBQ
Bangkok traffic

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