Ngorongoro Crater

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View from the rim of Ngorongoro Crater, an old volcanic caldera Considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa View of the caldera walls from the crater floor
Hippopotamus in a lake on the crater floor Had to eat my lunch very slowly and wait at least 20 minutes or so to finally get the chance to take this shot Hippopotamus
Lion cub Lioness & cub Sleepy lion cubs
There aren't many trees on the crater floor, so lions will grab shade whenever they can get it... The jeeps were stopped to look at the pride, and one of them just slowly walked over and flopped down for a nap Lioness
View from inside my Landcruiser, one the jeep above decided to move on and the lion had to relocate to a new patch of shade Pretty much impossible to get closer to the wildlife than that Finally after some very careful maneuvering and some horn honking, the lion moved just enough so that we could pull out and move on
Herd of wildebeests Wildebeests Watering hole
Male ostrich with the crater rim in the background Male ostrich Female ostrich
Pretty sure this is a yellow fronted canary Black kite Rufous-tailed weaver
Warthog Zebra Wildebeests
Kori bustard Lion The road...
Lion cub Lion cub Lioness watching over the cubs
Zebras & wildebeests Warthog Zebras
Mom & calf Cape buffalos Cape buffalo Nursing Cape buffalo calf
Hippos Black kite. These things would soar over the popular lunch spot and if you didn't eat your lunch in your Landcruiser, they would divebomb you. Hippos
Kori bustard Yellow fronted canary (?) Sleeping lioness
Warthog Herd of wildebeests making their way to the watering hole Cape buffalo
Zebras with a herd of wildebeests in the background Lions Lions
Lion cub Lazy lioness Lioness
Mom & two lion cubs Zebra Zebra
The bar/lounge at Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge is right on the rim of the crater, so every room has a view down to the crater floor View from the crater rim
Marabou stork Ngorongoro Farmhouse, stayed there for a night near the start of the trip. Not on the crater rim, it's outside the entrance to the conservation area at the base of the caldera. Red banana plant
Sunset at Ngorongoro Farmhouse Tusker beer The room at Ngorongoro Farmhouse

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