Vasa Museum

The Vasa, a Swedish warship that sunk of its maiden voyage after traveling less than one nautical mile. It had 64 guns, including 48 24-pounders. The ship was top-heavy and did not have enough ballast. A gust of wind forced the ship onto its port side, and since all gun ports were open to fire a salute as it left port on its maiden voyage, the lower gun deck flooded.
Vasa was built between 1626 and 1628 for use in the Thirty Years' War, which involved most of Europe. Rear of the ship, which would have been brightly painted at the time of the maiden voyage. Replicas of sculptures from the ship, painted as they were believed to have looked at the time.
The gun deck Looking down the starboard side of the ship. The remains of one of the 30-50 people who died when the Vasa went down.

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