Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Steampunk Star Wars

Slideshow (Flickr)

Steampunk Slave Leia There was an entire group at the convention that had the Steampunk Star Wars theme, and they had some of the better costumes there. It was pretty awesome. Steampunk Darth Vader
Steampunk Princess Leia Steampunk Han Solo Boba Fett
Steampunk droid The pistons moved up and down You can look her up on Facebook as Steamy Leia
The entire Steampunk group Darth Vader hosting a discussion panel on Steampunk meeting Star Wars Pretty interesting to hear about all the work that goes into making the costumes
Almost everyone looking in my direction Steampunk Sith Han Solo's wingpack, where the wings spread when he triggers a compressed air cylinder
Dual lightwhips Steampunk Darth Maul Steampunk Slave Leia
Steampunk Slave Leia Close-up of Vader's leg, with the stormtrooper helmeted Octopus! Steampunk Vader leg
Good vs Evil royal rumble Steampunk Sith Steampunk Sith group shot
Steampunk Fetts Steampunk Han & Leia Millenium Falcon chestplate
Notice the artificial hand on Luke Vader vs Han Darth Maul unmasked
Steampunk Leias Steampunk Lando. Love the helmet. Steampunk Darth Vader
Profile shot Steampunk group shot The goggles are a big element of most steampunk costumes
Steampunk tusken raider Steampunk Boba Fett Steampunk Darth Vader
Close-up of Vader's helmet Good guys group shot Leia & Darth Maul
Shot of Leia's corset The two Leias Steampunk Luke Skywalker
His costume was one of the highlights of the convention Steampunk Slave Leia

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