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Ian McDiarmid A veteran British stage actor who played the Emperor in Return of the Jedi and the prequels One of the best parts of the convention was hearing him read a bit of Star Wars Shakespeare in the Emperor's voice
Discussing the behind-the-scenes of filming the Mos Eisley Cantina scene The original plan was to decapitate Walrusman, but later they decided just losing an arm might be better for the kids in the audience Cantina creature masks
Greedo was played by a woman, who wore white high heels during filming High-tech creatures Mask that was based on the Sinbad movie
Just your typical Vogue photospread Collectors panel discussing the earliest Kenner toys and how they initially dealt with getting the Star Wars contract. Pretty interesting. Production dies for Power of the Force coins
Coins, which is my collecting focus If only I had thought of that when I was 2 years old, it would have saved me a few thousand dollars... Art changes between initial design and final production. Background was changed from the Death Star to Star Destroyers.
Panel discussing the intersection of Star Wars with WWII history Old Kenner toy. There's more than one meaning there... Using the Ewoks as a cash grab
Advice from a pro photographer A lecture on shooting portraits Billy Dee Williams
aka Lando Calrissian An hour of Star Wars Shakespeare being read live The Shakespeare voice actors
Panel discussing mash-up characters between Star Wars and other universes Bub Fett even looks like Wolverine with the mask off Other mash-up characters
Panel talking discussing Star Wars cosume design Lando's Jabba's Palace helmet was inspired by a baseball mitt. True story. Initial costume designs
Imperial officer uniforms were inspired by WWI uniforms, but George Lucas didn't want any zippers or buttons to be visible. Thought it would be too much like Earth if they were visible. Initial idea for Rebel Hoth soldiers Panel where Disney execs announced new merchandise coming up this year
I like the artwork. Disney is going to expand Star Wars events to their cruise line. Protocol droid in the costume contest Dot from Spaceballs
Slave Leia showing off Slave Leia Gonk
Oola Oola Clone trooper
The world's tallest jawa? Bub Fett Boba Fett in the Sarlaac pit
Vintage Hammerhead toy costume This one was my favorite Vintage hammerhead
King Leonidas Fett King Leonidas Fett Hera Syndulla
Pretty awesome Ewok costume This kid couldn't register in time due to a liver transplant, so they let him come on stage anyway since he was able to make the trip from Mexico for the convention Kid with his parents
Mandalorian medic DJ Lobot Prince Leia
Lando Calrissian and mini Lando The Jedi category The Empire category
Empire category Armor category The finalists
Creatures/Aliens category

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