Star Wars Celebration Anaheim


Slideshow (Flickr)

Two Barf's from a Spaceballs group The Spaceballs women Princess Vespa
Star Trek intruders Disneyland-goers should know this Captain EO with Fuzzball
Star Trek interviewer Planet of the Apes Trekkies
Lord Helmet Barf x 2 Colonel Sandurz
"I knew it! I'm surrounded by Assholes!" Barf & Lord Helmet "Keep firing, Assholes!"
Jedi-ghost buster No idea what she's supposed to be The bow doesn't help me
Same lady, different day. This time as Harley Quinn from Batman A drunk, vulgar George Lucas He's George Lucas, he can do whatever he wants
Bad Robot A nod to JJ Abrams Jedi Captain EO
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn on Santa Vader's lap

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