Star Wars Celebration Anaheim


Slideshow (Flickr)

The dancing stormtrooper has a couple of fans This is an awesome couples costume Striking a pose
Officer Stormtrooper R2-D2 Classy IG-88
Boba Fett & IG-88 Stormtrooper underneath the California palm trees Imperial cocktail waitresses
Creepy slave Leia Out for a stroll Old West stormtrooper
Classy stormtrooper Stormtroopers Darth Vader & Boba Fett
Officer stormtrooper Old West stormtrooper Old West Star Wars
Charlie Chaplin Biker Scout Chicken Boba Fett How sweet
Baby Chewbacca Hawaiian Stormtrooper Disco clone trooper
Classy biker scout I hate you Jar Jar Seriously
Chicken Darth Vader Chicken Boba Fett Unknown
There's a whole story behind this - a very brief background character in Bespin in the Empire Strikes Back was seen carrying what looked like an ice cream maker, so he's been dubbed "Ice Cream Maker Guy". Apparently there were 20-30 of these guys one day, but I missed them. Officer Stormtrooper Old West Stormtrooper
Jabba the Hutt Stormtrooper Iron Man trooper
Old West Stormtrooper Clone troopers IG-88
Stormtrooper Gangster Fett

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