Star Wars Celebration Anaheim


Slideshow (Flickr)

By far the coolest Mandalorian costume Standing in the 85 deg California sun... Mandalorian Merc, member of a costume and charity group
Part of a clan A whole clan Thermal detonator
Sabine Wren Military Mandalorian Military Mandalorian
The original Boba Fett Sabine Wren Female Fett
I like the matte black Cool looking rifles Mandalorian Merc
My favorite armor Blue & gold armor Waiting in line at the start of day 1
Wearing a pelt Pink & black armor Mandalorian vs Shadow Guard
Look close - the one of the left has a Nightmare Before Christmas theme going on I like the mottled blue paint Inside the exhibition hall
Mandalorian Mercs Mandaloria & Slave Leia Mandaloria & Slave Leia
Mandalorian Merc Mandalorian Merc Female Mandalorian
Spandex Fett Hanging out on the red carpet (which really wasn't much of a red carpet) Purple Mandalorian
Spiky head Nightmare Before Christmas theme Military Mandalorian
Weird faceplate design Military Mandalorian Spandex Fett
Mandalorian Merc Boba Fett Standing guard
Hanging out at the Mandalorian Mercs exhibit area Day one line Boba Fett
Blue & gold

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