Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Exhibition Hall

Slideshow (Flickr)

Rancor Disco-D2 Lifesize droids on display
Rebel car Awesome Imperial truck Custom car
The rear of one of the custom cars Wilsoooooooooon! Oscar/R2-D2
Line for the escalator Took at least 5 minutes for the entire line of Mandalorians to go down Mandalorian Mercs
LEGO Darth Maul LEGO Chewbacca LEGO Boba Fett
The line ahead of me to get into the main exhibition hall on Sunday, the final day. It snakes up and down. The line behind me Star Wars Celebration Anaheim logo
Checking the photos Weapons check station. Every weapon had to be verified it was for show and then ziptied before going in to the exhibition hall. These guys were out front all four days from open to close
The Gentle Giant Jabba's Throne Room exhibit I hate selfies in general and despise selfie sticks... but that's a pretty awesome selfie Rebel Endor trooper taking a break
Going up Snowtrooper w/ cannon 2-1B medical droid
AT-AT The fountain out front at the convention center Some costumes are tough to sit down in, sometimes this appears to be easier
Clone trooper The line on day 1 The line waiting for the Disney Star Wars merchandise discussion panel. I'm in line on the right, and the people on the left are actually several hundred people behind me.
Mandalorian Mercs Mandalorian Mercs Mandalorian Mercs
Snowtrooper Star Wars toaster Seems like your time would be better spent at a hospital or soup kitchen or something, but what do I know?
Best walker ever Life-size remote controlled R2-D2 LEGO Darth Maul
Ray Park signing autographs for something like $100 each. No thanks. Life-size R2-D2 Droids on Tatooine exhibit
Jawa Jawa Jawa
Han in Carbonite Mandalorian Mercs patches R2-D2 space monkey
Arrrr2-D2 R2-D2 on Tatooine R2-D2 strongman
Custom R2-ME2 exhibit R2-D2 BBQ Custom R2-ME2 exhibit
Custom R2-ME2 exhibit Custom R2-ME2 exhibit

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