Madrid's Atocha train station Casa de la Panaderia, a municipal/cultural building located on Plaza Mayor. Carlos IV, king of Spain for 20 years.
Palacio Real, the Royal Palace of Madrid Spanish soldier Almudena Cathedral, opposite the Royal Palace.
Construction started in 1738 and was completed in 1755. It has 2,800 rooms and is the largetst palace in Europe. Almudena Cathedral Officially it's the royal residence of the King of Spain, but the royal family chooses not to live there.
Lamppost Almudena Cathedral Palacio de Telecomunicaciones (post office) in Cibeles Square.
Plaza de Toros de las Ventas bullring The bullring In a Spanish bullfight, three matadors fight two bulls each.
These guys were junior matadors. Charging a banderillero. A picador, one of two in the rings. Basically a lancer on horseback who has the job of lancing the neck muscles of the bull in order to get the bull to charge straighter and to make it tired.
The bulls are expected to charge the picadores. It's a measure of the bull's courage - if they don't charge the picadores then it look bad on the bull breeder. A banderillero, who has the job of getting close to the bull and placing banderillas in the bull's back, which are flags with barbed hooks. Ole!
After the picadores have lanced the bull and the banderilleros have placed the banderillas, then it's the matador's turn. Matadors are judged on their skill and bravery in the ring. Stare down
Going for the killing blow. But he missed, so he had to try again. Took him quite a few attempts, and he got booed by the crowd.
Removing the slain bull. Knocking the picador off the horse. You can see the two sets of banderillas in the bull's back.
Going for the killing blow. The dying bull dropping to his knees. Removing the dead.
The lancer got carried away.
Not cool...
Losing the sword. That's a bit of a problem.
Charging a picador. Knocked the horse to the ground.
(The horse was ok)
If you look close, you can see that he got gored in the leg.

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