Columbus showing a contract to Queen Isabel. Granada Cathedral View of the Alhambra from the cathedral.
Islamic columns Interior of the Granada Cathedral. Ornate side chapel
Cathedral organ Cathedral columns Main chapel
Doesn't this go against the spirit of making an offering? The pipe organ Cathedral altar
Plaza Isabel la Catolica, the central square in Granada. Tapas bar Part of the royal palace section of the Alhambra.
The Alhambra was part fortress, part royal palace built by Moors in the 1300s. Senor Frog Islamic architecture
The royal palaces were built for the last Muslim emirs that controlled Spain, before they were forced out in 1492 during the Spanish Reconquista. View of Granada from the Alhambra walls. The walls of the Alcazaba, on the Alhambra grounds.
Granada The Alcazaba, the fortress part of the complex. Footprint of what used to be buildings near the Alcazaba.
View of the Granada Cathedral from the Alhambra. Tilework Alhambra courtyard
Patio de los Arrayanes, aka Court of the Myrtles. Moorish columns Portico in the Alta Alhambra part of the complex.
View of Court of the Myrtles from the other end. Royal palace ceiling Alcazaba fortifications
Palacio de Generalife View of the complex. Granada in the background.
Royal palace fountain Islamic decor Pretty typical of Ottoman architecture.
Ottomon entry arch Entrance to the Court of the Lions. Ottoman dome
Romans vs. Egyptians

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