Songbook Market, a Korean farmers' market. Maybe a half mile from the Osan main gate, but I'd have no idea how to find it again. Really wish I had tried one of these. Seafood stall.
Beondegi, boiled silkworm pupae. Dessert stall. Rice cakes, maybe?
Butcher shop. Not sure what this is. This was a true Korean market for locals, so there wasn't any English anywhere. I have no idea what half the stuff is. Fried food stall.
Again, no idea what any of that stuff is. Every creative Google image search I can think of, including "weird fruit" and "weird vegetable", turns up nothing. So unless these are unripe horned melons, which I don't think they are, then I have zero idea. Salted skates.
Mushrooms. Shrimp. Dried fish.
More mystery fruit. More boiled silkworm pupae, that's then seasoned and sold as a snack. I wasn't brave enough to try them.
Crabs. Nuts stall. Dried fish.
Kimchi. I gave it a shot several times, but I hate it. More street food. The need for refrigeration is a myth.
Baby octopi. More mushrooms. Bins of spices.
Songtan main street. There's not a whole lot to see outside Osan Air Base besides this. One of the bars on the main street. McDonald's delivery is apparently popular.
Knockoff purses. All cooks from Mexico! (It was actually pretty good Mexican food) Great Thai food.
Giant praying mantis. They like to hang out in the exterior stairwells at the hotel.

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