Korean DMZ

Panmunjeom, also known as the Joint Security Area or Truce Village. North Korean soldier at the top of the stairs. Looking at us through binoculars. My face is probably in a North Korea database now.
South Korea soldiers standing guard. Every South Korean guard is picked for this duty based on their hand-to-hand combat skills. Panmungak, the large North Korea building in the background.
Conference rooms and other joint buildings. North Korean soldier half hidden behind a column. South Korean soldiers usually stay half hidden to keep an eye on the North Koreans while presenting a smaller target.
Took this picture while standing in North Korean territory. "You may stand next to him to take pictures, but do not touch him or he WILL take you down." Always on alert, since the North Koreans have pulled some shady shit over the years, like the 1975 unprovoked attack on Maj. Henderson where he got his throat crushed. Before visiting, you have to sign a waiver at Camp Bonifas waiving responsibility in case something like that happens.
Kijongdong in North Korea, also known as Propaganda Village. North Korea claims 200 families live there, but it's actually just a bunch of empty shells built to tempt South Koreans to defect. The world's tallest flagpole, 525 ft. tall and flying a 600 lb flag. The Bridge of No Return.
Memorial plaque for the victims of the Axe Murder Incident. Two U.S. Army officers were killed by North Koreans wielding axes. There was a poplar tree originally at this spot that blocked the guard post in the background from seeing the attack. Operation Paul Bunyan took place three days later to cut the tree down. South Korean guard post. View of the Imjin River from the Mt. Odu Observation Platform.
Imjin River at low tide. Looking into North Korea. No trees on this hills because they've been stripped for fuel.
South Korean guard tower. You could pretty much walk across to North Korea at low tide. Bridge of Freedom
Repatriated POWs crossed the Bridge of Freedom once the Korean War was over. Memorial at Imjingak. Pavillion.
Huge bronze bell. Dorasan station, which has been renovated in anticipation of reunification. Keep dreaming.
The tracks heading to North Korea.

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