Sioux Falls

Falls Park The watefalls of the Big Sioux River that give Sioux Falls its name. One of the little waterfalls.
There isn't one big waterfall, it's just a series of small waterfalls. One of the bigger waterfalls in the park. Side-by-side waterfalls.
Love the block look of the rock. Big Sioux River Looking upriver of the falls.
The total elevation drop across the entire series of falls is something like 100 feet. Queen Bee Mill on the left. Falls Park Visitors Center
River cutting through the rock. Settlers first moved here in 1856 and settled around the falls. The Sioux Falls Light & Power Company plant that was abandoned in 1974.
"Monarch of the Plains" St. Joseph Cathedral Construction finished in 1919.
St. Joseph Cathedral The bell tower The Pettigrew House
Memorial to the USS South Dakota, a battleship that did two combat tours in the Pacific during WWII. The concrete outline of the hull. Some relics that were salvaged from the ship, which was sold for scrap in 1962.

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