Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park protects the largest area of old growth bottomland hardwood forest that remains in the United States. Didn't become a national park until 2003 Reflection in Cedar Creek
Cedar Creek, along the Weston Lake Loop Trail Cedar Creek Cedar Creek
Spider No idea what kind Hiking the 7.5 mile Oak Ridge Loop Trail
The Boardwalk Loop is the shortest hike and the hike closest to the visitors center. The majority of the trail is on raised boardwalks, because a lot of the time the park is flooded. I'm going to have to come back at some point when it's flooded, because I'm sure it's a completely different experience. Bald cyprus The "knees" of a bald cyprus, part of the root structure. Scientists still don't know exactly what the function is. The two popular theories are that they either help get oxygen to the roots, or they help to anchor the tree.
Turtle swimming in Weston Lake Turtle Bald cyprus knee
Looking up while hiking the Oak Ridge Loop Trail Cedar Creek Wise Lake
Raised boardwalk Turtle in Weston Lake Oak Ridge Loop Trail
The fan shape of a bald cyprus trunk Bald cyprus knees Damage from Hurricane Hugo in 1989
Oak Ridge Loop Trail Bald cyprus Oak Ridge Loop Trail
Bald cyprus knees Hurrican Hugo damage Oak Ridge Loop Trail
Weston Lake Loop Trail Dwarf palmettos Boardwalk Loop Trail
Spanish moss Squirrel! Weston Lake Loop Trail
I still got bit a few times...

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