Singapore Zoo

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Bornean orangutan baby I think he was just learning how to climb Yeah, it can be confusing...
White tiger Not albino, just a rare pigment variant Generally grow larger than the normal orange Bengal tiger
False gharial Cotton-top tamarin Cotton-top tamarin
Brown lemur Brown lemur Nyala
Proboscis monkey Only found on the island of Borneo Proboscis monkey
Proboscis monkey Proboscis monkey Proboscis monkey
Tapir Bornean orangutan Nubian ibex
Otter Otter Tapir
False gharial White tiger Bornean orangutan
Tufted capuchin Lion-tailed macaque Lion-tailed macaque
Bornean orangutan Bornean orangutan Bornean orangutan
Tapir White rhinoceros False gharial
Greater flamingos Gibbon White tiger
White tiger White tiger Otters
Tapir Babirusa If they don't grind their tusks down, the tusks could eventually loop back and start to penetrate the skull
Nubian ibex Bornean orangutan Yellow-billed stork
Sulawesi crested macaque Sulawesi crested macaque Sulawesi crested macaque
Hamadryas baboons Bornean orangutan Bornean orangutan
Naked mole rats Emu White rhinoceros

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