Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel Exterior chapel decorations Stained glass
Interior of Rosslyn Chapel, made famous as the final scene in The Da Vinci Code. The Apprentice Pillar, named because supposedly an apprentice carved the column while the master mason was away. The master mason came back, was jealous, and killed the apparentice. Looking back towards the entrance.
Another stone pillar Chapel ceiling Bug-eyed dude
Lucifer, fallen angel More stone carvings Green Man!
Musical cubes. Some people claim the cubes, each with unique symbols carved on them, are a secret code or a sequence of musical notes. Chapel has long been rumored to be associated with the Knights Templar and Freemasons. Some people claim these carvings are maize, which was only in North America at the time and not known in Europe. They claim it's proof that the Templars were in North America before Columbus. The chapel was built 50 years before the Columbus voyage.
A knight on horseback. Chapel interior Knight Templar tomb in the chapel crypt.
The Devil An angel Templar tomb?
"King of Terrors" guild stone. Stained glass Pretty fragile looking carvings.

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