Edinburgh Castle There's been a castle here since the 1100s, but a lot of the original castle was destroyed by artillery during the Lang Siege in 1571. Located on top of Castle Rock.
Damn tourists, always getting hit with cars. Deep fried Mars bar. I could live off of these. So good. View from the hostel.
Walking up to the castle gatehouse, which wasn't added to the castle until 1888. William Wallace Robert the Bruce
Castle armory Longsword Ring o' pistols
St. Margaret's Chapel. The oldest building in Edinburgh Castle, built in the early 12th century. One of the only buildings to survive the Lang Siege in 1571. Stained glass of William Wallace St. Margaret's Chapel interior.
A street in the castle. View from an artillery emplacement. Mons Meg, a bombard built in 1449. It could only be fired a maximum of 8-10 times each day because of the heat generated by the powder charge.
The Royal Palace Scottish National War Memorial Portcullis
Downtown Edinburgh Looking out over the Princes Street Gardens. Waverly train station
The Scott Monument The Half Moon Battery on the castle grounds. View of Holyrood Park from Edinburgh Castle.
George Heriot's School Greyfriars Bobby headstone He was a Skye Terrier who guarded the grave of his owner for 14 years in the 1800s before he finally died. There's a theory that it was all just a publicity stunt.
Buildings along the Royal Mile. Scott Monument, in honor of the author Sir Walter Scott. Edinburgh skyline
200 feet tall Princes Street Gardens The Hub
Another view of The Hub, a former church near the top of the Royal Mile. Donaldson's College, a school for the deaf St. Giles' Cathedral
The Royal Mile Another view from the Castle Hill part of the Royal Mile. Cool architecture
The Palace of Holyroodhouse Tolbooth Tavern The Governor's House on Calton Hill.
Stag statue The Hub Scott Monument
Edinburgh Castle at night Weird

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