Bran Castle Stone cross on the approach to Bran Castle. Bran Castle is on the Transylvanian border and is loosely linked to the legend of Dracula.
Castle courtyard Wood furniture Teutonic Knights originally built a castle here in the early 1200s, but it was sacked and destroyed by the Mongols.
Iron light fixture St. Nicholas Church near Old Town Brasov. "Anonymous Hero" statue
Ecaterina Gate Old Town architecture, with Mt. Tampa in the background. Trying to be Hollywood.
On the left is the former Brasov City Council building, now the History Museum. Piata Sfatului, Council Square Republicii Street
Brasov County Council building Capitoline Wolf statue, that relates to the legend of the founding of Rome. Romulus and Remus were raised by a she-wolf as infants, and eventually founded Rome. St. Peter & St. Pavel Cathedral
The Rasnov Citadel, on top of a hill overlooking the town of Rasnov. Citadel church Probably built in the 1220s when the Teutonic Knights controlled the region.
Looking out over the town of Rasnov, population 16,000. Citadel walls Medieval punishment
Room of the hostel in Brasov. View from the hostel.

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