Rhode Island State House Not sure what the difference between a state house and state capitol building is, but that's the official name. Built between 1895 and 1904, made out of white Georgia marble.
Fun fact: Wikipedia claims this is the fourth-largest self-supporting marble dome in the world. The top three are St. Peter's Basilica, the Minnesota State Capitol, and the Taj Mahal. View from the other side. When they filmed the movie Amistad, this served as the U.S. Capitol building. The Woonasquatucket River that flows through downtown Providence.
Mouse! I can see my reflection in his eye. Victorian house on Federal Hill.
Probably the most interesting looking house on Federal Hill. Head-on view Another Victorian house.
First Baptist Meetinghouse The Baptist congregation was founded by Roger Williams in 1638, making it the oldest Baptist congregation in the U.S., but the current structure was built in 1774. Downtown Providence
The first Baptis meetinghouse to have a steeple and bell. A tree on the campus of Brown University. Interesting exterior
Cathedral of St. John House on College Hill The statue of Roger Williams at Prospect Terrace Park getting some maintenance done, making a decent picture impossible.
View from South Main Street Park. WWII memorial Providence County Courthouse
Korean War Veteran's Memorial U.S. Soldier in the Korean War Building on Brown University campus.
Brown University mascot Carrie Tower A clock tower that was built in 1904 as a gift to Brown University.
John Brown House First mansion built in Providence, on the border of Brown University. John Quincy Adams called it "the most magnificent and elegant private mansion that I have ever seen on this continent." Granted that I haven't been inside, but that seems a little generous...
Civil War Monument, honoring the 1st Rhode Island regiment and the 14th Rhode Island Artillery colored regiment. Artilleryman Union infantry
The Turk's Head Building, named after the sign on the building that pictured an Ottoman warrior. The sign disappeared in a storm, so it was later replaced with a granite replica. It's now a 16-story office building. The Westin Hotel
Preparing for WaterFire, a public art festival that involves burning 100 bonfires just above the surface of the rivers that flow through downtown Providence. View of the Rhode Island State House from Waterplace Park. Rhode Island State House at night.
WaterFire One of the bonfires.

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