Christ Church Cathedral, aka the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. St Patrick's Cathedral, larger than Christ Church Cathedral. Founded in 1191.
Spire is 140 feet tall. Decorative statue Originally built in the mid 1000s. The flying buttresses were added in the late 1800s, purely for decoration.
St. James's Gate Brewery, home of Guiness. Free tasting at the end of the tour Guiness sign
Looking out over the brewery grounds. In 1759, Arthur Guiness signed a 9,000 year lease for the brewery, at 45 pounds per year. Brewery tour Church of St. Augustine and St. John
The Ha'penny Bridge, spanning the River Liffey. Built in 1816, and was Ireland's first iron bridge. Named for the half penny fee to cross, which was in place until 1919. No T.I.E. Fighters allowed. More of Christ Church Cathedral.
Bedford Tower, part of Dublin Castle. Gate of Fortitude and Gate of Justice are on either side. Irish Crown Jewels were stolen from the tower in 1907. The Record Tower (round structure in the back) is the only surviving structure from the medieval Norman fortifications. Norman's originally built the castle in the early 1200s. The Custom House, on the banks of the River Liffey.
Cool Dublin architecture The Spire on O'Connell Street at sunrise. 395 feet tall, it's 10 feet wide at the base and tapers to 6 inches at the top. The River Liffey near sunrise.
Gate into Trinity College in downtown Dublin. Abbey Presbyterian Church Grounds of Trinity College.
Trinity College academic building, with a statue of George Salmon in front. The Trinity College Campanile. Superstitious undergrads never walk underneath it, because the legend is that if the bell rings while you're walking underneath it you will fail your final exams. One more shot of Christ Church Cathedral.
Kilmainham Gaol Built in 1796, the jail is known for imprisoning leaders of various Irish rebellions over the years. Another cell block.
Kilmainham Gaol courtyard The cross marks the spot where James Connolly was executed by the British for being a leader of the 1916 Easter Rising. Spiral staircase
The Victorian Wing of the prison.

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