Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. 757 ft tall - 8th tallest building in Europe, and 187th tallest building in the world. A lot of Warsaw residents don't like it, since they see it as a symbol of Soviet domination.
Walking around Warsaw's Old Town. Field Cathedral of the Polish Army Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising monument
Warsaw Uprising was an effort by the Polish Resistance Home Army to free Warsaw from the Nazis. The revolt was supposed to be timed with a Soviet Red Army advance, but the Soviets stalled and the Germans were able to take back the city from the Polish resistance fighters. Polish resistance fighter
Sewers were used as lines of communication. Warsaw Barbican Fortifications like these used to surround all of Warsaw.
Old Town Square Warsaw Mermaid statue Warsaw Mermaid
St. John's Archcathedral Warsaw Royal Castle Caesar arriving in Egypt and being presented with the head of Pompey, who was assassinated by Ptolemy XIII.
Statue inside the Royal Castle. Walking through the Royal Castle museum. Royal Castle chapel.
Royal Castle staircase. King Sigismund's column King Sigismund
Warsaw Royal Castle Presidential Palace Prince Jozef Poniatowski
Pidsulski Square Holy Trinity Church in the foreground. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Jozef Pilsudski Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, imprisoned by the Communists. Walking down Krakowskie Przedmiescie, near Warsaw University.
Admiring their abs. Church of the Holy Cross Jesus statue outside the Church of the Holy Cross.
Houses an urn with the heart of Frederic Chopin, the Polish composer. Church of the Holy Cross Palace of Culture & Science at night.
Hostel room

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