The Oseberg ship, one of three Viking ships housed at the Viking Ship Museum. Found in a burial mound near Tonsberg, Norway. The Gokstad ship
The Tune ship Built in 900 A.D. Another view of the Oseberg ship, built around 800 A.D.
Oslo City Hall Peter Tordenskjold, Vice-Admiral in the Norwegian navy until he was killed in a duel. Statue outside the Oslo central train station.
Square outside the Oslo central train station. Church in downtown Oslo. The Royal Palace, called Slottet, at the end of the street.
Grand Hotel Royal Palace Fountain in downtown.
Ra II, a vessel built by Tor Heyerdahl and housed in the Kon-Tiki museum. Built from papyrus, Ra II was sailed from Morocco to Barbados, to demonstrate that it would have been possible to cross the Atlantic. Kon-Tiki raft, built from balsa logs by Tor Heyerdahl for an attempt to sail from South America to the Polynesian Islands to prove that it's possible Polynesians were originally from South America.
It was a sucessful trip, covering 4,300 miles in 101 days before crashing into a reef in the Tuamotu Islands. The Fram Museum On the deck of The Fram, a polar exploration vessel.
Used for an Arctic expedition in 1893. A Oslo-Stockholm ferry. Oslo train
Downtown fountain Gustav Vigeland, a Norwegian sculptor. One of Vigeland's sculptures.
Vigeland Sculpture Park, in Frogner Park. 212 granite and bronze sculptures. The theme is the human condition.
Statues along the bridge. "Old man hitting a boy" "Man inside a ring"
"Angry boy" "Dancing young woman" "Man chasing four geniuses"
"Man fighting lizard" "Man throwing woman over his head" Walking towards the Monolith.
Bronze fountain The Monolith 17 meters high
Looking out over Vigeland Sculpture Park. Statues surrounding the Monolith. "Boy and girl riding on woman's back"
"Swarm of babies" "Man throwing woman" "Sundial"

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