Ulster Freedom Fighters mural. This is my favorite mural. Entering Sandy Row, a unionist area. Andrew Jackson mural
Quick summary of Belfast murals... there are two sides - the unionists/loyalists want Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom, while nationalists/republicans want Northern Ireland to be united with the rest of Ireland. Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) are the paramilitary wing of the Ulster Defense Association (UDA). They're unionist. Ulster Defense Association commander
To add fuel to the fire, unionists are predominately Protestant while nationalists are predominately Roman Catholic. Cuchulainn, an Irish mythological hero who single-handedly defended Ulster from a Connacht army. UFF mural
The Red Hand of Ulster mural Legend is that at one point there was no clear heir to the kingdom of Ulster, so a boat race was held to determine the new ruler. The rule was that whoever's hand first touched the shore of Ulster would be king. One guy was losing the race, so he cut off his hand and threw it onto the shore, thereby winning the race. Anti-republican mural
UDA C Company commander. Oliver Cromwell mural Unionist mural
"Ulster will always remain British. NO surrender." The red hand of Ulster is a symbol of the UDA/UFF. Unionist mural
Shankill Road mural Lest We Forget Shankill Road mural
Shankill history UVF slain soldiers "30 Years of Indiscriminate Slaughter By So-Called Non-Sectarian Irish Freedom Fighters"
"For God and Ulster" Another U.S. President, James Buchanan. Ulster Freedom Fighters graffiti.
The Peace Line, that segregated unionists from nationalists during The Troubles. Falls Road mural. Falls Road is the nationalist area. Bobby Sands, member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army who died in prison while on a hunger strike.
Falls Road anti-Bush mural. Another anti-Bush mural. Frederick Douglas mural on Falls Road.
Belfast City Hall Monument to Queen Victoria. Belfast church
Falls Road memorial Falls Road church grounds Grand Opera House
Queen's University Love the leg room.

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