Carlsbad Caverns National Park

The natural entrance to Carlsbad Caverns, a massive limestone cave system Switchbacks Reminds me of the Nightmare Before Christmas
This was my favorite formation Flowstone Also called draperies
The Doll's Theater Those look REALLY fragile Flowstone
Stalactites Stalactites Side cavern
Flowstone Stalactites Witch's Finger
Cavern wall Pretty damn impressive Looking at a lower level
Flowstone Flowstone Almost touching...
Draperies Underground pool The Veiled Statue
Flowstone Big floor-to-ceiling formation Looking down a side cavern
Hall of Giants These things were huge, hence the name of the hall Stalactites
Flowstone from ceiling to floor Stalactites The Totem Pole
Stone fins on the right The Totem Pole The Totem Pole
Lots of flowstone Flowstone Rising from the floor
Rock of Ages Stalactites and stalagmites close to connecting, or already connecting (left) Cavern pool
Stone fins Stalactites Cavern ceiling
Looking down the cavern Hall of Giants Flowstone
Cavern pool Stalactites Flowstone
The terrain outside the caverns

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