Great Basin National Park

Inside the Lehman Caves, discovered by Absalom Lehman in 1885. The Parachute Shield rock formation. Pretty awesome. The caves were originally designated a national monument in 1922, then folded into the national park in 1986.
Ceiling decorations. Cavern lake. Side view of the Parachute Shield.
The Sunken Gardens. Floor to ceiling formations. Cave popcorn.
Advice - get to the Visitors Center right when it opens so you can get tickets for the tour you want. More cave popcorn. Great Basin National Park surroundings.
Pronghorn. Wheeler Peak. Close-up of the peak.
Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive. The trailhead for the two trails I was planning to hike. All of a sudden, I had a lot more free time for the day. Just past the point where the road was closed.
Tree near the summit. Getting some sun. Driving through the Great Basin.

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