Amsterdam residential buildings. "Coffee shop" Cool architecture.
Amsterdam canal. Yep, we're in Amsterdam. Churches mixed in next to brothels.
The free tour. Recommended. Doelen Hotel, where lots of famous people stay. Doelen Hotel clock.
The XXX is the three crosses on the Amsterdam coat of arms. Not related to pornography. Dampkring, featured in Ocean's Twelve. The skinniest house in Amsterdam. Property taxes were paid on how wide your house was, not the depth. This guy was a cheap bastard.
The West Church The line to the Anne Frank House. The Rijksmuseum. Only 25% of the collection was on display due to renovations, but they still charged the full admission price. Assholes.
Rijksmuseum and the I amsterdam sign. Sculpture near the train station. Building decoration.
Winston Kingdom bar. Hostel room. Heineken Brewery Tour
Heineken advertising Illogical... Kind of a creepy poster.
At the Tropenmuseum, home to African, Asian, and South American art. Dia de los muertos art Dia de los muertos art
Ceremonial masks R-rated museum Wooden canoes
Sex Palace Amsterdam red light district Saturday night crowds
Amsterdam red light district mural Amsterdam red light district mural Amsterdam red light district mural
Amsterdam red light district aka De Wallen Amsterdam window girl
Royal Palace of Amsterdam, finished in 1665 Dam Square, with the National Monument on the left The National Monument is a WWII memorial. These four guys represent the suffering that took place during WWII.
Dam Square Amsterdam canal Church of St. Nicholas
Oude Kerk, built in 1213 Amsterdam Centraal train station Church of St. Nicholas
De Wallen alleyway De Wallen window girl De Wallen
Fishing for customers Red lights Amsterdam Red Light District
Amsterdam window girls

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