Pha That Luang A three-layered golden stupa which is the national symbol of Laos. It's 148 ft high. Current version was initially built in 1566, but was almost completely destroyed during the Thai invasion in 1828.
What you see now was restored in the 1930s by the French. Wat That Luang Neua Wat That Luang Neua
Patuxai, the Victory Gate. Also known as the Vertical Runway because it was built using concrete that the U.S. military had given to Laos so that they could build a new airport. Now the inside is basically one big gift shop.
View of Vientiane from the top level of Patuxai. Patuxai spire Government building
Inside roof decoration in the Patuxai monument. Temple near the hotel Vientiane night market
Looking across the border at Thailand. Night market Buckets!
Visiting the C.O.P.E. center, which helps victims who have been injured by unexploded ordnance. Thousands of unexploded cluster bombs still litter the countryside in Laos, left over from the Vietnam War. Cluster bombs

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