Luang Prabang

Psychotic gecko in the hotel. Sepak Takraw Stadium Basically, sepak takraw is volleyball with no hands allowed.
Since you're not allowed to use your hands, they do bicycle kicks to spike the ball. Too see it in action...
YouTube Montage
Thanks to Jeremy & Lisa for taking me to this. Had no idea it even existed, and it's a damn fun sport to watch.
Risky whiskey - whiskey with dead snakes, turtles, centipedes, lizards, etc. soaking in it. Risky whiskey shots!!! It was fucking terrible.
Getting treated for a fall off a deck into a bottomless pit of death. I'm just going to assume that Laos has the best health care system in the world. How else can you explain treating a head injury for a total cost of $28 without getting insurance involved? Could have been a lot worse. I'm considering walking away with a concussion and three stitches a pretty big win.
Street meat Grilled fish on a stick More street food
Fruit shakes Sweets stall Some kind of egg thing.
Royal funeral barge building at Wat Xieng Thong. Wat Xieng Thong, a Buddhist temple built in 1560. Wat Xieng Thong mosaic
Rear of the main building. The facade of the royal funeral barge building. Wat Xieng Thong mosaic
Wat Xieng Thong Buddha "Do not allow domestic and international tourist bring prostate and others into your accomodation to make sex movies" Bathroom sign
Selling food that can be donated to the monks. Giving alms to the monks at dawn. I think if you have a shoulder bare, you're an apprentice. If you're fully covered, you're a full-blown monk.
Tourists lining the street to give alms. Local kids getting some food from the monks. Some of the older monks.
There are hundreds of them. Sometimes monks get sick from eating unsafe food, so some monks want to discontinue the daily ritual. But the Lao government has said that if they stop, they'll replace them with costumed actors in order to keep up appearances, since it's such a big tourist draw each morning. Deep fried bananas.
So good.
Elephant trek Laos is known as the Land of a Million Elephants, although there aren't many left now. Feeding them bananas
The riding set-up Going uphill Caravan
Eating Pretty cool experience More lunch
Kuang Si Falls Main waterfall is 165 ft tall Located about 18 miles outside Luang Prabang.
No swimming allowed in the upper falls. Kuang Si lower falls Kuang Si lower falls
Kuang Si lower falls Kuang Si lower falls Kuang Si lower falls
Rope swing Phou Si, the hill in the middle of town.

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