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Looking out over the Great Rift Valley The Giraffe Center in Karen, 3 miles from downtown Nairobi Built to try to help out the Rothschild giraffe, an endangered species. Opened up to tourists in 1983.
Basically you get to walk up on an elevated platform and get to feed the giraffes POV shot Rothschild giraffe
There are only a few hundred Rothschild giraffes left in the wild. Lame. The tongue feels really weird Wash your hands afterwards
The home of Karen Blixen, made famous when she wrote Out of Africa The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust It's a project dedicated to adopting baby elephants (and a few rhinos) that are orphaned due to poaching, traps, etc. and then caring for them and rehabilitating them so that eventually they can be re-introduced into the wild with another herd
Feeding time It's sad how many orphans there are Once a day it's opened to the public for an hour and they bring the baby elephants out in a couple waves for feeding and exercise
You can see some of the crowd in the background. It gets pretty crowded, so get there early if you want a spot in the front row. Second wave was the older elephants Carnivore Restaurant, basically a Brazillian steakhouse with a few African species like ostrich and crocodile
Kenyatta International Conference Center in downtown Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Monument, the founding father of Kenya who led the country after it achieved independence in 1963 August 7th Memorial Park, the site of the U.S. Embassy that was bombed in 1998
What the aftermath looked like. 213 killed, 4,000+ wounded. August 7th Memorial August 7th Memorial
Entrance to the Nairobi National Museum Nairobi National Museum main hall Greater kudu is in the center with the spiral horns. Never saw any of those. Sometimes two males will fight, get their horns interlocked and can't get free, and both end up dying.
I think they might be a little bitter Hippo Helpful illustration
Nairobi National Museum art Statue outside the Nairobi National Museum Turtles at the Nairobi Snake Park. Wasn't really worth seeing, but it was right next to the national museum.
Crocodile at the Nairobi Snake Park So how much faith can one put in a condom you get in a tin shed public toilet? The international departure lounge at Nairobi Int'l Airport, which was actually a cargo hangar with benches since they had just had the massive fire at the airport that took out a lot of the international terminal. And the night I'm leaving Nairobi, earlier that day the Westgate mall attack was happening that killed 63 people. All day when I was out sightseeing I was seeing trucks full of troops speed by.

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