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The famous tusks on Moi Avenue, built in 1956 when Princess Margaret was going to visit Mombasa Made of aluminum Looking across Tudor Creek as it is about to empty into the Indian Ocean
A door inside Fort Jesus. The chains along the border meant it used to be owned by a slaver. Entrance door to a Hindu temple. Bribe the guard to get inside. Finish him!
"If a person kills or eats animals for food in his life he has to pay for their sinful deeds in Hell. They are thrown in a pot full of boiling water forcefully." "Those people who drink alcohol in his life are taken to Hell. There they are forced to drink hot, boiling iron by the hellish people." "By stealing and robbing others money, a person is given excruciating punishments in Hell by the hellish people."
Seems a little inappropriate... Spice market Spice market
Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese in 1591 Canon overlooking Tudor Creek The fort changed hands nine times over the centuries as different countries fought over Kenya
What remains of the Fort Jesus interior Fort Jesus wall The Likoni ferry terminal that ferries you across Kilindini Port. Pretty much the only way you can get from Mombasa to Diani Beach.
Seemed like a photo-worthy waffle sundae Lizard at my hotel Pretty cool door in Old Town Mombasa
Vervet monkeys would coordinate raids on the hotel continental breakfast each morning. One of them also spilled by beer by the pool one afternoon. Fucker. The pool guy actually had a slingshot on him to try to drive them away. Clearly he wasn't present 100% of the time. It made breakfast pretty entertaining though. Alley in Old Town Mombasa
Old Town Mombasa Old Town fish market This was in the afternoon, so the fish market was pretty much empty
Tudor Creek

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