Maasai Mara National Reserve

Slideshow (Flickr)

Cheetah wandering around at sunrise Cheetah eating a kill Couldn't get close enough to see what it was
Two Nubian vultures A Nubian vulture and some Ruppell's griffon vultures eating a wildebeest carcass Ruppell's griffon vultures eating a wildebeest carcass
Black-backed jackals that had either killed or scavenged a baby Thomson's gazelle Yep, he's carrying the head in his mouth The head of a baby Thomson's gazelle
Ruppell's griffon vultures Cape buffalo Deadly looking horns
Yellow-billed oxpecker Pack of banded mongoose Warthog
Maasai giraffes Maasai giraffes Ruppell's glossy starling
Maasai Mara Sunset Male lion I ran across at sunrise Looks a little hungry
Mom & baby hippo Marabou stork Marabou stork
Maasai Mara sunburst Maasai Mara sunburst Topi
Fighting elands Fighting elands Fighting elands
Fighting with an audience Poor guy clearly had a broken leg, and was just sitting there waiting to die or get eaten Lioness
Topis keeping tabs on the lioness Cheetah Cheetah
Cheetah Cheetah Cheetah
Sitting down for breakfast at the Mara Bush Camp Hippo He's having breakfast too
Mom & baby elephant Baby elephant Baby elepahnt
Lioness yawning Female ostrich Black-backed jackal
A pair of spotted eagle-owls Yellow-billed stork Yellow-billed stork
Lion taking a nap Lion paw close-up Great blue heron
Cheetah Two cheetahs eating a Thomson's gazelle Two cheetahs eating a Thomson's gazelle
Two cheetahs eating a Thomson's gazelle Cheetah making a weird high-pitched barking sound Three cheetahs with a different kill maybe 50 yards away
Yellow-billed stork Hippos Hippos
Impala A herd of bachelor impalas Dead wildebeest on the banks of the Mara River
Hippos Baby hippo Impala
Ruppell's griffon vultures and a Nubian vulture Ruppell's griffon vultures Nubian vultures
Maasai giraffe roadblock Maasai giraffes Yellow-billed stork
Line of safari ants, which are apparently really nasty if they bite you Eland Hartebeest
Lioness Lioness Lioness
Egyptian geese Lioness Decapitated wildebeest head
Baby Thomson's gazelle Black-backed jackal Black-backed jackal
Cape buffalo watering hole Cape buffalo watering hole Herd of elands
Hartebeest Eland Herd of elands
Crocodile Hippo Hippos
My tent at Mara Bush Camp Inside the Mara Bush Camp tent The bathroom sink
Toilet on the right, bucket shower on the left. Every night the staff would heat up some water, and you had maybe 90 second to shower before it ran out. Bedroom at the Sarova Mara Camp This one was a permanent hotel-style set-up
My roommate at Mara Bush Camp

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