Lake Naivasha

Slideshow (Flickr)

Pink-backed pelican African fish eagle African fish eagle
African sacred ibis Hamerkop Cormorant
Walking around Crescent Island The only time on the entire safari where there was no jeep, you just wandered around Maasai giraffe
Maasai giraffe Nice facial expression on the waterbuck Taking a piss
Male waterbuck Female waterbucks Blue wildebeests
Pied kingfisher Pied kingfisher hovering and trying to spot fish Pied kingfisher
African fish eagle African fish eagle grabbing a fish African fish eagle swooping in
African fish eagle African fish eagle Coromorant looking out over the lake
Pink-backed pelican I think this is a grey-hooded gull Cormorant
Pied kingfisher Cormorant taking off Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp bar area
The foyer in my "tent" Seriously, they call this thing a tent on the Serena website. I think it might have had a canvas roof or something. The bed that's 10x nicer than the bed in my apartment
Bathroom was also 10x nicer than my apartment Probably a 300 sq ft shower Roughing it...
"Tent" bathroom sink Private porch

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