Amboseli National Park

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Grey crowned cranes Herd of elephants Amboseli is generally considered the best place in Africa to see elephants, which is why half the photos on this page are of elephants.
Eastern chanting goshawk Eastern chanting goshawk Amboseli at sunset
Zebras with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background One of the big draws of Amboseli is seeing wildlife with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background. But I got screwed over with haze/clouds, so I never got a real clear view of the entire mountain. Nice right hook!
Male gerenuk Gerenuk is Somali for "giraffe-necked" Two female gerenuks
They can graze by standing on their hind legs and extending their necks, similar to a giraffe. Never saw that in action though. Male gerenuk The drive in to Amboseli was the only time the entire trip that I saw a gerenuk
Mom & baby baboon Baby baboon Baby baboon
Family grooming Baby baboon Baby baboon
Blue wildebeest. You are really goofy looking. Amboseli is a really dusty place, and it's common to see dust devils form in the afternoon A more substantial dust devil
Herd of elephants Herd of elephants Baby elephant
So on the left, you can see part of a pride of lions that looked like they were eating a kill. On the right, you can see the pack of hyenas that were after the kill. The pack of hyenas made some probing moves forward, and eventually the lions gave up and walked away. The result was the lioness started walking away, and was followed by five lion cubs
The lion cubs working their way towards the road Going off-road is strictly forbidden at Amboseli, so you basically had to pick your intercept spot and hope you guessed right The horde of jeeps jockying for position. That was the drawback with Kenya - much more crowded than Tanzania. So once you commmited to your intercept guess, you eventually got boxed in and couldn't move.
In the end, we ended up guessing close enough Lioness & lion cubs Lioness & lion cubs
Warthog family Exhibitionist baboon Chilling out at an abandoned game lodge. Apparently the owners owed too much in back taxes and just decided to vanish.
Nursing baby elephant Nursing baby elephant Amboseli sunset
Elephant Female ostrich Male ostrich
Elephant Dust bath Nursing baby elephant
Fighting zebras Zebra dust bath Zebra
I think he's practicing for when he has to cross the Mara River Seems a little overly dramatic though, given that it's just a puddle Cape buffalo
Herd of elephants Herd of elephants Play fighting
Baby elephant post-mud bath Baby elephant post-mud bath I call this one "Elephant Pissing"
Elephant teamwork Elephant teamwork Eventually one of them just took it and ran
Bably elephant Herd of elephants Baby elephant
Herd of elephants Warthogs I think this is a female bushbuck
Grey crowned cranes, including some juveniles Baby elephant Baby elephant
Mt. Kilimanjaro Maasai giraffe Maasai giraffe
Mom & baby Maasai giraffes Thomson's gazelle with crossed horns, apparently a birth defect Female gerenuk
Thomson's gazelles with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background Someday I'll do the trek to the top... Thomson's gazelle with broken horns
Thomson's gazelles, wildebeests, and zebras Elephant crossing A ton of elephants
Hippos Baboon Elephant
Hyena Swampy area of Amboseli One of the few wet areas in the park
Mt. Kilimanjaro Herd of elephants Elephant
Baboon family Baboon family Baby baboon nursing
Checking on the baby Baby elephant nursing Elephants
That same wildebeest from earlier Wildebeest Elephant
Elephant Playing in the water Doing a back flop
Herd of elephants Wildebeests Elephants
Baby elephant View of Mt. Kilimanjaro from the Kibo Safari Camp Got bit by something. Never found out what.
The bar at Kibo Safari Camp Kibo Safari Camp tent Kibo Safari Camp tent interior
Typical boxed cold lunch if you opt to stay out on the game drive instead of going back to the camps for a hot lunch

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