The Great Temple & Qasr al-Bint


The Great Temple of Petra. Hasn't really held up too well. Um al Biera looming in the background.
The Arched Gate, which is no longer arched. The Colonnaded Street, which is no longer colonnaded. View of the Royal Tombs through the Arched Gate.
View of the Great Temple from the Crusader castle on al Habis. Great Temple window. Looking towards the front of the temple.
View across the Colonnaded Street. The main staircase. The Lower Temenos, a sacred area of the temple.
Good shot of the different levels. Temple passageway. Shot of the surrounding area.
Qasr al-Bint Far'oun, the Palace of the Pharaoh's Daughter. The temple entrance. Actually not a palace, but an important temple from the Roman period.
I'm pretty amazed the arch over the entrance has survived. View of the rear of the temple as seen from al Habis. One of the massive walls.
Another shot of the Arched Gate, near the Great Temple at the end of the Colonnaded Street. Some ruins in front of Qasr al-Bint. View of the Royal Tombs from the Colonnaded Street.
View of al Habis with the Crusader castle ruins on top. An uncooperative donkey. It was pretty funny to watch.
Mosaic that was uncovered in one of the buildings. Giraffe. Pretty sure that's Mr. Tumnus.
Nabataean Girls Gone Wild. Fishing.

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