Greek Orthodox Basilica of St. George. Famous for the mosaic map of the Middle East Interior of the church.
The Madaba Mosaic Map. Jerusalem. The Jordan River flowing into the Dead Sea.
The Nile Delta region on the right. The Dead Sea. Hebron.
Jordan. Based on what's present and what's not in the Jerusalem part of the mosaic, the date of creation is pegged between 542 and 570 A.D. Earthquakes and fires and have destroyed portions of the mosaic.
Prayer candles. The altar. St. George killing the dragon.
Crucifixion. Mosaic beneath the crucifixion painting. If I could read Arabic, then I could translate that caption. But I'm at a loss.
Killing a Roman. Jesus crossing a river on a raft held together by snakes? They're big on mosaics in Madaba.

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