Kerak, the Crusader fortress. The outer walls by the main entrance. Shot of the stonework involved.
Built in the 1140s by the Crusaders, it became the headquarters for the Lord of Oultrejordain. In 1176, Raynald de Chatillon married Stephanie of Milly and became Lord of Kerak. View of the terrain surrounding the castle.
Former residents. What remains of the castle church. An arch that somehow has remained standing.
Raynald de Chatillon ruled Kerak until he was killed at the Battle of Hattin in 1187. Looking up towards the highest point of the fortress. Castle passageway.
After the Battle of Hattin, Saladin kept Kerak under siege until it eventually fell in 1189. The walls that Saladin's forces would have had to attack. The lower court.
Arrow slit. Saladin had attacked the castle before, but King Baldwin IV arrived to drive the Muslims away. Field of fire an archer would have enjoyed.
Inner walls, as seen from the lower court. Ruined section of the castle. A lot of the castle was destroyed in 1840 by the Egyptian Ibrahim Pasha. Would have been a covered hallway.
Looking down the outer walls. The lower part of the castle. Farmland below the castle.
One final shot of Kerak territory. Wadi Mujib, and the shot of the switchbacks you have to navigate to drive down to the bottom. Recently constructed dam, with the lake behind it.
Some like to call it the Grand Canyon of Jordan. The gorge walls. The riverbed.

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