The Arch of Hadrian. The arch was built in honor of Emperor Hadrian's visit to Jerash in 129 A.D. Some pretty intricate stonework towards the top.
Side view. Arch of Hadrian details. One of the side entrances.
The Jerash hippodrome. Hippodrome exterior. At 800 feet long, it was the smallest hippodrome in the Roman empire.
Jerash ruins in the middle of the modern city. An impressive balancing act. The Oval Piazza (left) and the Temple of Zeus (right).
Temple of Artemis columns. The Temple of Artemis - Artemis was the patron goddess of the city. Originally had 12 columns, but now only 11 remain standing.
Corinthian columns. Cathedral floor mosaic. One of the mosaic designs.
The columns surrounding the Oval Piazza. The Oval Piazza Even more columns!
Colonnaded street. Walking along the Forum Cardo. The South Gate.
The South Gate entrance, by the visitors center. The Nymphaeum, a public fountain. Oval Piazza, with the South Gate in the background.
Getting some sun. Stone carving.

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